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From Warriors to Resisters

Individual chapters of the book in Adobe pdf format
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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Roy Bourgeois Waging Peace
  4. Laura Slattery Betrayal
  5. Jeff Moebus Keeping Vigil at The Gate
  6. Charles J. Liteky Resisting the War against the Poor
  7. Lil and Bill Corrigan For a Mother Who Lost Two Sons in El Salvador
  8. Jack Gilroy The Making of a War Resister
  9. Wayne Wittman Refusing Complicity, Choosing Service
  10. Ellen Barfield Why Was I a Soldier? Why Am I Now a Peace Activist?
  11. Peter J. De Mott Finding My Way
  12. Bill McNulty Naming Reality
  13. Smedley Butler On Interventionism, 1933
  14. Stephen Funk No Conscience Left Behind
  15. Camilo Mejía Regaining My Humanity
  16. Diedra Cobb In War, There Is No End
  17. Michael Blake My Story
  18. Jimmy Massey Warrier to War Protester
  19. Resources For Potential Recruits, Military, Veterans, and Their Families


The entire book may be downloaded in one 10.3 meg file.


We are working on pages to deliver the book online in text format
making it more accessible to those who do not have broadband connections.